De Espanol y Negra, Mulato- 18th century Casta Painting


Essays in Hispanic American & Caribbean History

Charla al Frente Indigena Oaxaqueno Binacional a los 200 anos del nacimiento de Benito Juarez (Fresno, 24/3/06)

The Legitimacy of Faustin Soulouque

Attempts to explain the wide support among Black Haitians for the military dictator & eventual “Emperor” of mid-19th century Haiti, generally despised by foreign observers of the day. Originally a graduate seminar paper written at the University of Wisconsin in 1967; extensively revised with the assistance of Malherbe Belizaire in 199?.

On the Possibility of a People’s History of Latin America

Originally the first lecture in an introductory Latin American history course taught each year during the 1970s & 80s at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Pub. in Laurie Sears (ed.) Autonomous Histories, Particular Truths: Essays in Honor of John Smail (Madison: U. of Wisconsin Center for Southeast Asian Studies, 1993), pp. 281-300.

Review of Richard Price’s Alabi’s World

Latin America in the Making of the Modern World, 1400-1750 (Talk to CLAH Teaching & Teaching Materials Session at AHA Meeting in San Francisco, 1/5/02)

Cien Anos de Soledad as a History Book