Our Human Rights,


Our Human Responsibilities:


A Manual for Americans
















David G. Sweet & Human Rights Activists of Santa Cruz County, California











[Readers, please suggest names that ought to be added to this list]


This book is offered in memory of fallen fighters Bill Belton, Harriet Blue, Esther Bradley-Delgado, Terry Brickley, Alice Davis, Margaret Cheap, Colleen Crosby, Max Greenberg, Lucy Haessler, Gordon Haskell, Bill Hinchliffe, Georgiana Bruce Kirby, Thurbie Markoe, Cat Munson-Ring, Victor Perera, Doug Rand, Robert L. Renfro, Maggie Reynolds, Alice Santana, Page Smith, Elliot Wax, Jane Yokoyama & the hundreds of other county residents who have struggled through the past century & a half to broaden the realm of equality & justice -- in Santa Cruz County, & in the world.


And in warm solidarity with the hundreds of Santa Cruz County activists, & our comrades everywhere, who carry on that struggle still today & can be counted on to do so in the future, for as long as the dream of universal human rights remains unfulfilled.




























Preface: Chris Johnson-Lyons, Executive Director of CAB


Introduction: How this came to be written (dgs)


1, Historical Background (dgs)


2. The UN & Human Rights since World War II (dgs)


3. Opposition to Human Rights in the U.S. (dgs)


4. What Are Our Human Rights? (dgs with collaborators)


a.   Rights of All


b.   Rights Specific to Particular Classes of People


5. What Are Our Human Responsibilities? (dgs with collaborators)


6. The U.S. & Human Rights Abroad (dgs)


7. U.S. Government Challenges to Human Rights at Home (dgs)


8. The Present State of Human Rights in Santa Cruz County, California (dgs with collaborators)


9. A Call for Action (dgs with collaborators)




a.   U.N. Human Rights Documents


b.   U.S. Human Rights Documents


c.    Bibliography




a.   A Human Rights Timeline


b.   Key Documents


c.    Organizations working for human rights in the U.S.


d.   Classroom Resources