Human Rights

Merrill College Commencement Speech (2001)

Human Rights & the Political Reawakening of America (talk to UN Association in Santa Cruz, CA; 2002)

Our Human Rights, Our Human Responsibilities: a Manual for Americans (Book in Progress)

[note: this book is a cooperative project. Potential participants who e-mail the author
( will be notified as each new segment goes online, & invited to submit whatever suggestions as they can for its improvement. Every suggestion will be considered, followed up on, utilized as far as possible, & acknowledged. The more help is provided, the more accurate & useful the book is likely to be!).

Title Page & Contents


Chapter 1: Human Rights before 1945

Chapter 2: The UN & Human Rights since 1945

Chapter 3: US Opposition to Human Rights

Chapter 4: What Are Our Human Rights?

Chapter 5: What Are Our Human Responsibilities?

Chapter 6: The US & Human Rights Abroad

Chapter 7: Recent US Government Challenges to Human Rights at Home

Chapter 8: The Present State of Human Rights in Santa Cruz County, California

Chapter 9: A Call to Action




Talk on the International Context to a Panel on Death Penalty (St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Capitola, CA; 2003)

Human Rights are American Rights (Talk at City Hall for UN Human Rights Day, 2003)